Homegrown Heroes:

Crescendo Team Spotlight

We put in a lot of hard work to make our clients succeed. However, that work is built upon a foundation of collaboration, camaraderie, and mentoring within our own team. At Crescendo, there’s no long, convoluted path to success. If anyone on our team wants to get better at what they do or learn new skills, all they have to do is ask. There’s always someone willing to share their time and expertise to help others grow.

Get to know what it’s like to work at Crescendo as we highlight the people that power our commitment to clients, motivate us to excel, and put the fun in meeting challenges head on.


Working Wherever and the Reality of Relocating

At Crescendo Collective, we believe that speed and efficiency are what keep us ahead of the competition. We take this approach not only with our clients but with our workplace culture as well. Our culture is grounded in allowing our employees to stay autonomous and in charge of their time. As long as quality work is being produced, employees are free to make their own hours and decisions about their work schedule.

As with many businesses, the challenges of COVID-19 made us rethink what it means to work remotely and how distance affects work productivity. Before the pandemic, we used technology to stay on top of workplace communication and supplement those times when our team members were out sick, had emergencies, or were just dealing with life. As working remotely became the new normal, the question was asked: “Do we have to come back?”

Eventually, Crescendo leadership made the decision to adopt a hybrid work environment and fully embrace a “work wherever” approach. This choice was made because throughout the pandemic, work quality and productivity never decreased. Rather than play hall monitor to try to make sure everyone was in the office for X amount of time, managers continued to trust in their teams and give them the flexibility to let them do what they do best. Now, employees have the choice to come in, work remotely or do a hybrid — whatever best fits their life and work style. Because of this, some of our team members have taken the opportunity to relocate while still meeting the needs and demands of our fast-paced work schedule. Here’s what some of our team members had to say about relocating and our “work wherever” approach.

Distance Doesn’t Matter

“Crescendo fully supported my desire to relocate during the pandemic and made it an easy, seamless transition for me every step of the way. Crescendo’s ongoing support, flexibility, and quality of communication across teams has helped make my move easier.”

Haley Dunn

Senior Strategist

“The away team, vacation and work from home policies have allowed me to travel, sometimes for months at a time, and move across the country. I’m pleased to be part of the team at Crescendo as it continues to innovate around global remote work.”

Chuck Aksamit

Senior Web Developer

“Management was supportive in my decision to relocate. I was provided with software and hardware tools to succeed at my job remotely. I’m honestly satisfied with the way that things are now. Location used to be a barrier to work that Crescendo Collective has overcome.”

Brian Yabar

Digital Marketing Strategist

Staying with a Winning Team


“I wanted to stay working with Crescendo not only because of the amazing individuals I get to work with each day but because of the company culture. I truly feel a part of something special working here at Crescendo, and their commitment to the professional growth of every individual on the team is something I find great value in and have experienced first hand.”

Haley Dunn

“Crescendo Collective is a global company. We have world-traveling leadership, work with international brands and understand the many values of having a distributed workforce. Aligning developer desires with company needs in this regard is a win-win.”

Chuck Aksamit

“Crescendo has provided me with the tools and team to face challenges and find new opportunities to grow, and that’s an important factor that influenced my decision to stay with the company even from a different location.”

Brian Yabar

At Crescendo Collective, we take pride in the autonomy of our workforce. Whether our employees want to adjust schedules, relocate, or get new skills, all they have to do is take the initiative to get things done. If you have the skills and drive to work in a fast-paced environment where collaboration and communication are essential in bringing out our best work, take a look at our current job openings.