Homegrown Heroes:

Crescendo Team Spotlight

We put in a lot of hard work to make our clients succeed. However, that work is built upon a foundation of collaboration, camaraderie, and mentoring within our own team. At Crescendo, there’s no long, convoluted path to success. If anyone on our team wants to get better at what they do or learn new skills, all they have to do is ask. There’s always someone willing to share their time and expertise to help others grow.

Get to know what it’s like to work at Crescendo as we highlight the people that power our commitment to clients, motivate us to excel, and put the fun in meeting challenges head on.



A Meteoric Rise Fueled by Hard Work and Mentoring

Charlie is a full-stack developer and has been working at Crescendo Collective for two years. He lives in Milwaukee with his wife and baby daughter. He enjoys hanging with his friends and family, reading, watching movies and television, and cheering on Minnesota sports teams.


Prior to working as a developer, Charlie was a music teacher and freelance musician, directing middle school choir, regularly leading a choir and band of adults with memory loss, and performing original music throughout the Twin Cities, MN.

Q: When did you start feeling that you had ownership of a project?

A: A few months into my internship, I started to feel ownership and pride in the work I was completing. I was given a lot of opportunities as an intern. It was pretty early on in my employment when I was the only developer working on one of the websites we support. I began to feel even more ownership when I started to regularly demo my own work to clients.

Q: How did your role change when you transitioned from intern to full-time developer?

A: It changed gradually. I started working on projects that were higher visibility and higher pressure. I learned how to manage that pressure and work together with my teammates to lighten everyone’s load.

Now, I’m doing frontend and backend development, planning work, and advising client and internal team members on a daily basis. I advise on technical questions and decisions and maintain regular communication with clients to make sure we are delivering valuable work. I assign work based on team member skills and interests and how they align with our team needs.

Q: What’s it like to work at Crescendo?

A: We take a lot of pride in our work and support each other. When you are coding and run into a problem you just can’t solve, it can feel very isolating. I always push myself to remember I’m part of a team of experts who are eager to help. I just have to ask. The lead developers have taught me a ton about development and leadership. They’ve shared a lot of their time to help build me up.

Q: How do you describe success?

A: Curiosity, humility, hard work, compassion. I like to understand how things work. Having success in web development is not just throwing things at the wall and seeing what works. It’s understanding what needs to be done and understanding the technology to do it.

It takes a lot of humility (more than I have sometimes) and hard work to admit you don’t know something, ask for help on a problem, or struggle through understanding an idea. More than anything, I just love people and if we aren’t treating each other with compassion and respect, the whole thing’s just not worth it to me. I try to bring that to all my work relationships.

Q: What tactics do you use to help others succeed?

A: I encourage open, positive, and clear communication. Good vibes all around! We all have each other's back. Problems are inevitable and should not be seen as personal indictments, but rather, things we can overcome together. I encourage my team to get their work out in front of our clients to get feedback, so we can make sure we are including them in the process and giving them an opportunity to easily express their feedback to us.

Q: What has been your favorite part about joining Crescendo?

A: I like my coworkers. We work really hard and build a lot of cool things together. Free beer, espresso, and snacks when you are in the office are pretty cool.

Q: What is the best advice you have for someone starting out at Crescendo?

A: Seize the opportunities you are given. If you feel like you need a little boost to do your best work, reach out for help. Approach problems with a willingness to learn and know that you have a team behind you.