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Homegrown Heroes:

Crescendo Team Spotlight

We put in a lot of hard work to make our clients succeed. However, that work is built upon a foundation of collaboration, camaraderie, and mentoring within our own team. At Crescendo, there’s no long, convoluted path to success. If anyone on our team wants to get better at what they do or learn new skills, all they have to do is ask. There’s always someone willing to share their time and expertise to help others grow.

Get to know what it’s like to work at Crescendo as we highlight the people that power our commitment to clients, motivate us to excel, and put the fun in meeting challenges head on.



Empowering Clients for CMS Success

Crescendo customer service isn’t just service with a smile and a good work ethic: it’s being able to build clients the platforms they need with a speed rarely seen while making sure they have the support to use those platforms confidently. Besides the usual training manuals, two members of our team, JB Privado and Paul Song, have gone above and beyond with demos, build kits and hosting weekly training sessions to ensure that our client’s global staff love their new CMS.

Paul Song

Junior UX Designer

Time at Crescendo: 2 Years

Location: Chicago, IL

Paul Song has a background in Advertising and enjoys playing musical instruments and singing in the shower. He’s a social butterfly who enjoys making friends after the first hello. His Korean and Mexican heritage help fuel his interest in other cultures and places around the world.

Q: What does customer service at Crescendo mean to you?

A: I think I can confidently say that if you ask anyone what customer service means at Crescendo they would say going above and beyond, which is true. For me, I would say customer service means being honest and providing the best insight to your client issues, even if that means disagreeing with others.

Q: How do you support our clients? What do you do to help them be their best?

A: When helping a client I use UX insight to provide a more holistic view on how various pieces affect a project. Whenever I create wireframes or have creative discussions, I try to view it from different perspectives. This usually leads to new discussions and insights or further refinement in current areas.

Q: How would you describe yourself in one word?

A: Social.

Q: How do you help clients become more independent when using a new CMS platform?

A: Whenever I teach someone new about our CMS Platform, I try to see their perspective and answer any scenario questions and provide a live example. Once they have a better grasp on the CMS, I try to challenge them with a new task so they can flex and become more independent as they continue to use the CMS.

Q: What opportunities has Crescendo given you?

A: Crescendo has provided me with many opportunities with challenging projects, interesting clients and talented coworkers.

John Bryan Robert Privado

Trainer / Customer Support Agent / Content Entry

Time at Crescendo: 8 months

Location: Manila

John Bryan Robert Privado has a background in Business Administration and IT. A man of many interests, JB is into sports, the performing arts and music. When he’s not playing volleyball, singing, dancing or acting, he enjoys listening to the sweet sounds of Soul and Reggae music. Before Crescendo, JB was working in the BPO industry for global clients with expertise in customer service and technical support.

Q: How do you support our clients? What do you do to help them be their best?

A: We provide customer support to our clients through three different platforms, namely SNOW, EMS Helpdesk Inbox and the Magnolia Support Inbox. As customer support agents, we are Crescendo’s frontliners. How we handle customer concerns may make or break our image to our stakeholders and clients, so it’s imperative we do our job correctly.  We diagnose customer issues and connect with the proper departments for quick resolutions.

Q: How do you help clients become more independent when using a new CMS platform?

A: Properly transferring knowledge to our clients is our biggest responsibility. We make the learning process easy to understand. Magnolia is a very user-friendly CMS platform. We give clients hands-on demonstrations and our first hand experience and best practices. We also make sure that we can answer most of the questions that they have in regards to our CMS tool.

Q: How would you describe yourself in one word?

A: Grateful.

Q: How do you manage working with global team members and clients?

A: Honestly, it can be challenging because of the time difference as well as differences in culture. But I believe that nothing is impossible if you know how to properly communicate with other people, regardless of their background. If you want others to believe in what you’re saying, then you must first believe in yourself.  Actively listening to client and team members’ suggestions will also help you improve even more.

Q: What opportunities has Crescendo given you?

A: I haven’t been with Crescendo for a long time, yet they’ve provided me with a chance to move up the ranks. Crescendo is a company that encourages growth, and I am a testament to that. I started out as a content entry personnel, and I really wasn’t expecting to be given the opportunity to become a Trainer in a short period of time. I’m very thankful that the management gave me their trust, and in turn I’m also doing my part to build up others.

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