Account Exec

Account Exec

Job Description

Account Executives are relationship builders

Account executives acquire and nurture Crescendo’s client relationships. Crescendo’s mission is to simply be the best digital partners our clients have ever seen. Account Executives play a big role in that. Successful Crescendo AEs listen to our clients and bring about strategic and personal success for key client stakeholders.

Account Executives are problem solvers

Our AEs reach out, listen to our clients, and listen for key opportunities to help. Crescendo AEs understand the company’s capabilities and solutions. They are able to form strategies, select solutions, and make recommendations for our clients.

Account Executives bring clarity and direction

Our AEs dispel fear, uncertainty and doubt. They earn their clients trust. They provide knowledge and insight designed to help our clients succeed.

Account Executives are fire fighters

If a client issue breaks out, Crescendo’s AEs are the first to respond. Crescendo AEs can deal with with, defuse, and provide effective resolutions for the honest client issues. They can constructively deal with the most irate of executives. Most of all, Crescendo AEs love to turn an issue around.

Account Executives are adventurers

Crescendo’s key client relationships as well as upcoming opportunities span the world. Our AEs love traveling to our clients to grow partnerships and have great conversations. They exude confidence working in the unknown because they know their team can deliver.

You Bring

  • Top tier communication
  • Ability to create and deliver a killer presentation
  • Ability to improvise and think on your feet
  • Ability to handle delicate situations, irate executives, and tense standoffs with aplomb
  • A focus on long term relationships founded on mutual success

You Get

  • Competitive salary & Commission structure
  • Full benefits
  • SIMPLE IRA matching
  • Paid holidays and vacation
  • Travel to exotic locales
  • Kegerator & a kitchen full of healthy snacks
  • Autonomy and satisfaction working for the best digital agency in the Midwest
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Aug 22, 2018